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How to Update Firestick Software and Kodi App on Firestick

Amazon keeps updating the Fire TV Stick for better performance and security. If you are facing any issue with your firestick then you can update Firestick Software and fix that issue.

But If you are using the jailbreak Firestick and it’s working fine then don’t go for the software update. Rather if you are want to use the latest version of the KODI App then Update the Kodi App on Firestick.

Lets Update Firestick Software in 2021:

As I already said, if your firestick is not working properly then go for a Software update otherwise it’s fine to use the Old Software on your Firestick.

If your Firestick is showing Storage Problem please read – How to Increase Firestick Storage?

Step 1: Go to Firestick Settings >> My Fire TV >> About There you will find the update option.

Steps to Update Firestick Software

Step 2: Go to Check for System Update and click OK now let the Firestick check for new Update if any.

Congrats!! You are using the Latest Interface after Updating the Firestick Software.

If your Firestick is having any new Software then it will show the update option otherwise not. If you feel these steps helped you please comment below and share this with others.

Stop Amazon from Tracking Your Data:

After Updating the Firestick Firmware the Data policy and Tracking settings may get change. Please check the setting and you can turn OFF the Data Monitoring by Firestick.

Step 1: Go to Firestick Settings >> Preferences >> Privacy Setting. There you will find some Privacy related options.

Step 2: Turn OFF all Privacy options that are turned ON, like you can turn OFF the Device Usage Data, Collect App Usage Data, Interest Based Ads.

Step 3: Now got back to Preferences and then go to Data Monitoring. and turn OFF the Data Monitoring option.

For more privacy most of the people use VPN apps but I dont know how safe and legal is using that.

How to Update Kodi App on Firestick?

Again the same thing goes with KODI Update, if you are enjoying your Kodi App then there is no need to update this App.

Because to update the Kodi App on Firestick you have to uninstall the previous app and you will lose your Kodi Addons/builds and settings.

If still, you want to update the Kodi App to the latest version then you will always get the new App here

Follow these steps to update the Kodi App on Your Firestick and enjoy it.

Step 1: First Open the Downloader App on your Firestick, to download the latest APK.

How to Pair Firestick New Remote from Settings menu

Step 2: Then Enter this Address to download the KODI App. [Download Link:-]

Kodi APK Download Link
Wait till the App is downloaded

Step 4: Once the download is complete, click on the Install button and wait till the installation is complete.

Install the App and wait till the installation is complete

Step 5: Now click on the Done Button and delete the APK file as you don’t need it after installation is complete.

Click on the Done after installation is done
Then Delete the APK file to optimize the storage

Step 6: Now you can go to the App section in Firestick look for Kodi App and Use it.

Open the Kodi app and enjoy

Congrats!! You have successfully updated your KODI Apk on Firestick, now login with your Account and add the Kodi Builds and Addons for more Features.

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