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3 Easy Ways to Reboot Firestick when Frozen

It’s not so hard or no need to get stress if your Firestick got frozen, just try to Reboot/Restart it and check if the issue is solved after You Reboot Firestick.

A common fear asked by many people: If I restart my Firestick will I lose everything? The answer is NO!! You will not lose any data if you Restart your Firestick.

But be careful while Restart, there is one option below that – Reset Factory Settings. If you choose the wrong option you will Lose your Fire TV Apps and Personalized Data.

So, How can you Restart/Reboot your Fire TV Stick?

  1. Reboot your Firestick using the Remote/Remote App on your phone.
  2. Reboot your Firestick with Menue option
  3. Unplug the Power to Reboot Firestick.

Now, let’s get started with each guide with short steps and you can use anyone to Restart/reboot the Fire TV Stick and use it again with better performance.

Reboot Firestick When Frozen: Unplug the Power

The Firestick comes with a Charger adapter and USB cable. Now it’s up to you where you connected the plug to the wall or taken power from the TV USB Port.

Follow these steps to Reboot Fire TV Stick if it’s Frozen and you cant access it with your Fire TV Remote.

Step 1: Check the Firestick Charger if you can and just unplug it. Now wait for 60 Seconds.

Unplug the Fire TV Charger to Shut it down

Step 2: Now Plug in the Firestick Power and wait for it to Start.

This will Hard Reboot/Restart the Firestick and if your problem is somehow solved; I would suggest you go for Factory Resetting the Firestick.

The Overloading Apps and Cache may be slowing down your Firestick. Just Reset and log in again starts with Fresh.

Reboot Firestick: Using FireTV Remote Keys

If your Firestick is responding but slow, and the remote is working then you can Reboot your Fire TV Stick using the Remote Keys.

Step 1: Make sure your Firestick is Turned ON and you have your Fire TV Remote Connected.

Step 2: Now Press and Hold the Select Button + Play/Pause Button until your Firestick is Shut down.

Reboot Firestick using Remote keys short cut

Now, wait till the Fire TV Stick gets Restart and check if your Fire TV Stick is working properly or not.

If not try any of these Tricks:

  1. Update the Firestick to the latest version
  2. Remove Unused apps and free some internal space
  3. Move Extra Apps to External Storage in Firestick.
  4. Reset your FireTV Stick.

Restart Fire TV Stick from Menu Option on TV

This is just a simple way to check your Fire TV Start does really Restart or not. You just need to have a Fire TV Remote or Fire TV Remote App on your Phone to operate the Firestick TV Menu.

Step 1: Press the Menu Button on Fire TV Remote while Firestick is Turned ON.

Step 2: Then Go to My Fire TV option and check for Restart option and click on it.

Step 3: Now you will see a Popup with two options Restart button and cancel button.

Restart Fire TV from Menu option

When you click on the Restart Button your Fire TV will Restart and you can use it again normally once it gets turned ON.

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