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Jailbreak Smart TV in 10 Seconds

Turn on your Smart TV because today I will help you to Jailbreak Smart TV in 10 Seconds Guaranteed!!!

Today Lots of TV companies are present in the market with Android OS. But few old Smart TVs and some Smart TVs like Samsung come with Tizen OS that doesn’t have many supported applications for TV.

So in this case the Smart TV users like us have to adjust in what the preinstalled apps we have. But don’t worry I have a solution for this and you will be able to use any app on your TV from now onwards, let’s jailbreak your Smart TV.

Warning: We do not promote or support Pirated content or supporting Applications. In case you try to watch such content then you may fall into legal action.

How to Jailbreak Smart TV in 10 Seconds?

Follow these steps given below to Jailbreak Smart TV that comes with inbuilt Android OS. Later I will share how you can jailbreak the Samsung Smart TV or Smart TV without Android OS.

Step 1: Go to TV settings and Check for Security & Privacy or similar settings.

Step 2: Then Find out the Unknown Sources Settings option. and Allow yourself to install any app on your tv.

Step 3: Now Open the Browser in your TV and then type and click ok.

This will download one application called Aptoid TV it is a great alternative for Google Play Store for TV.

You can then find any application on Aptoid TV and install it on your Smart TV.

All Done! You have successfully jailbreak your Smart TV with Android OS.

How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV?

This guide is especially for all those Smart TVs that don’t have preinstalled Android OS on them. TVs like Samsung come with Tizen OS and it has very few apps to be used on TV.

Note: Please note there is no such guide to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV but yes you can Buy a Firestick Lite very cheap at price and then jailbreak the Fire TV Stick and use it.

The jailbroken Firestick gives you unlimited access to use any App on your TV without any restriction and it does not matter if you are using a Samsung Smart TV or any other.

Step 1: Attach the Firestick to your Smart TV HDMI Port.

Step 2: Then Jailbreak the Firestick by using this Guide here.

Step 3: Install the Aptoid TV store to install any Third party app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Aptoid TV on Smart TV

Step 4: Watch your Favorite TV show/Sport/Movies on your Smart TV or Play Games on it.

What is Jailbreaking the Smart TV?

Just like the Firestick Jailbreaking the Smart TV’s especially android OS Smart TV can be jailbreak so that you can use any third-party application on your TV to watch any content you want.

Please Note: The Smart TV with other than Android OS or Samsung Smart TVs will need to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick and then you can Jailbreak the Fire TV Stick.

Is it Safe to Jailbreak the Smart TV?

Yes!! It is totally safe and legal to Jailbreak Smart TV until you do not use any unsafe third party that allows you to watch copyrighted or Pirated content.

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