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How to Increase Firestick Storage 2021

The Inbuilt Firestick Storage for Firestick Lite/3rd Gen/4k is the same that is 8GB. It is enough to install any video streaming app on your TV.

But what if you are more creative? and want some more Storage on your Firestick! is it Possible? is there any MicroSD slot hidden in Firestick?

Before I start my guide about how to increase the Fire TV Stick Internal Storage in 2021. Take a look at Fire TV Stick Specifications and if you want to buy it just use the button given in the box below.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

FireStick Price and Features

Features and Price

  • Owner: Amazon
  • Use: Watch Live TV/ Shows/Sports
  • Video Quality: 720p/1080p/4k
  • OS: Android OS
  • What’s free – YouTube, YouTube Kids, MXPlayer, TVFPlay, YuppTV, and many more.
  • Requirement: Stable Internet & Smart TV

Let’s Discuss how to Increase Firestick Storage?

I will answer a few questions and then Start the guide, be patient, and clear your doubts first.

1. Do Firestick have any microSD Card Slot? The answer is NO! unfortunately we don’t get any SD Card slot in the Firestick device.

2. Is it Possible to Increase Firestick Storage? The answer is YES!! We can increase the Firestick Storage using one OTG cable and Pen Drive/ USB SD Card Adapter.

3. Can I move Apps to the External Storage in Firestick? YES!! You can use the external storage to store your Firestick Application but it won’t copy the App Data and Cache.

Rrimin MicroUSB OTG Cable

Introducing MicroUSB OTG Cable
  • Support: All Firesticks
  • Use: 1. Connect Storage to Firestick, and 2. Connect the LAN-USB Adapter to Firestick. 3. Also used to connect Mouse to Mobile/Tablets
  • Packaged:1 x Micro USB OTG HOST Cable
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: NA

Note: Make sure you don’t have any important data in your External Storage that you are using for Firestick. And the Storage needs to be Formatted in FAT32 Format.

Steps to Add External Storeage to the Firestick:

Here we get started with the real work, adding up more space to the Amazon Firestick and boost up the Storage capacity.

Step 1: To establish the Connection between Firestick and External Storage you need to buy one USB OTG cable. Use a similar one shown in the image below.

Require OTG Cable with Female USB, Male&Female Micr USB Ports

Step 2: Now connect the Micro USB Male port to Firestick, Female to Charger, and Insert the External Storage in USB Hub.

How to Use Memory Card on Firestick

Step 3: Now Turn on your Fire TV Stick and go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> USB Drive and then select the “Format to Internal Storage” option. (This is used if you want to use the external storage for storing Firestick Apps.)

Depending upon your External storage type it will take time, up to a few minutes. once the formatting is completed you are ready to move your Firestick Internal Apps to the External Storage.

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How to Move Firestick Installed Apps to External Storage?

This is one of the most popular ways to free up the Firestick Internal Space. By moving the Installed Application on your Firestick internal storage to Firestick External Storage you make your firestick work fast.

Internal Storage is used by the system to store temp. cache files and it is important to read-write cache to work faster.

Let’s start the process to move installed Apps.

Step 1: First of all attach your External Storage to Firestick and Format it.

Step 2: Now go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Installed Applications and you will see a list of apps installed in your Firestick.

Step 3: Select any App and you will see one option “Move App to USB Storage” select this option and wait till the app is transferred from internal to external storage.

That’s it, you just successfully attached an External Firestick Storage and then transferred one App from Firestick Internal Storage to the External Storage.

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