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FAQ – About Mobdro Apk and FireStick

Let’s have some discussion over Frequently asked questions on Mobdro Apk. You will find almost all questions and answers for all issues you are facing with Mobdro.

List of Some Question Answers about Mobdro:

  • How to Install Mobdro on Firestick?

    Answer: Mobdro is an Android App and you can easily install it on any android device.
    To install Mobdro on Firestick follow this guide.
    1. Download an app on firestick called downloader
    2. Then insert the Mobdro download link and download the apk on Firestick.
    3. Allow unknown source Apk and Install the Mobdro TV on your Firestick
    All Done, You will also find a detailed guide on this blog just find it through the search box.

  • How to Update Mobdro on Firestick?

    Answer: Just like the Download and Installation process showed above, you can update the Mobdro App on Firestick.
    1. You already have the Downloader App on your Firestick
    2. Uninstall the Old Mobdro from your Firestick and insert the new download link to the Downloader.
    3. Download and install the new Mobdro apk on Firestick That’s all.

  • What happened to Mobdro?

    Answer: Here’s what happened to Mobdro:
    Mobdro and some of their users got caught watching Copyright content “Cricket match” those were sponsored and only one broadcaster can telecast it.
    Later on, due to copyright infringement, Mobdro went down. This happens with most of the apps Here are some best alternatives to Mobdro App.
    Live Net TV, Crackle, MovieBox, Tubi, Netflix (Paid), Popcorn Time, RedBox, Popcornflix, Morph TV, Thop TV, etc.

  • Mobdro Invalid System Error Live Stream Offline?

    Answer: Mobdro Live Stream is Offline because sometimes the server gets too much load duet to lots of users using Mobdro at the same time.

    Another reason could be some of the users may watching Pirated Content or Copyrighted Content.

    You can wait till the issue resolve in 7 days or try some alternative Live TV Options. Live Net TV, Crackle, MovieBox, Tubi, Netflix (Paid), Popcorn Time, RedBox, Popcornflix, Morph TV, Thop TV, etc.

  • What is Mobdro?

    Answer: Mobdro is a Free to use Live TV Streaming App. It has 100+ Channels that anybody can use to watch TV Shows, News, Mobies etc.

  • What is the Mobdro video quality?

    Answer: If you have a Good Broadband connection at your place and the upstream from the Service Provider is good then you can watch @ 1080p Full HD Quality Video on Mobdro apk.

  • Is there any Mobdro on iOS devices?

    Answer: Till today there is no iOS app version available for Mobdro, If you are using an Android device like Mobile/PC/Firestick then you can easily install Mobdro on it.

  • Does Mobdro Need Rooted Android devices?

    Answer: No, You can Download and install this Mobdro on Non-Rooted devices also.

Here are some quick answers to the questions you may want to know about your Fire TV Stick. If you want to ask something you can ask in the comment box and I will share the answer in the comment reply.

List of some Question Answers about Firestick:

  • Can Firestick Work in India?

    Answer: Yes, You can use the Fire TV Stick in India, in fact, you can use it anywhere in the world.

  • Which Firestick is best to Buy?

    Answer: It depends on your choice, I would recommend you to buy the Firestick Lite, and there is not much important difference between Firestick lite & Firestick 3rd gen. But if you want to stream 4k Content then go with Firestick 4k.

  • What is best to Buy – Firestick vs Fire TV?

    Answer: Amazon has launched a new LED TV with inbuild Firestick & Alexa. So if you want to buy a new TV then go on Fire TV and if you already have a smart TV then go for Firestick Lite.

  • What are the Firestick Alternatives?

    Answer: Firestick is an Amazon Product and it is based on the Android TV Box concept, Here are some alternatives to Firestick: Google Chromecast, Airtel Xtreme, JioFiber box, Tata Sky Binge+ box, etc.

  • What Device does the Firestick Support?

    Answer: Firesticks can support any displaying device like TV, Projector, and PC Desktop. If the device has HDMI input then it’s easy to connect the Firestick, otherwise, you will have to use HDMI to VGA Converter OR HDMI to AV Converter.

  • How to Connect Alexa Echo with Firestick?

    Answer: To connect Alexa Echo with Firestick you need to set up both the Echo and Firestick separately, then follow these steps.
    1. Open the Alexa Echo App and go to Devices.
    2. Then click on the Plus (+) sign to add a new device.
    3. Then click on the TV and then select the Fire TV option.
    4. The app will scan for your Fire TV once you find it click to connect.
    Note: Make sure your both devices are on the same wifi and within 30 Feet range.

  • How to Connect Firestick with Bluetooth Speaker?

    Answer: To connect the Bluetooth sound system with your Alexa device follow these steps:
    1. Go to Firestick Setting >> Controller & Bluetooth Device >> Other Bluetooth Device > Add Bluetooth Device > Press Ok.
    2. You can add any Bluetooth-supported speaker by using this method.

  • How to Use Firestick TV without FireTV Remote?

    Answer: There are two methods to use the Firestick TV without using the original FireTV Remote.
    1. Connect your Alexa Echo with your Firestick and operate with Alexa.
    2. Download the Firestick Remote App on your Phone and operate with mobile.

  • Can I watch Live TV on Firestick and Replace my Cable Connection?

    Answer: YES, you can replace your regular cable connection with the Firestick but if you satisfy the following conditions.
    1. You will need a stable internet connection.
    2. You will need Live TV apps Subscription like JioTV for Firestick.
    3. You can Purchase the App subscription for your Favorite channel provider (for example if you love star channels then buy Hotstar Subscription and watch star TV Shows.)

  • What is the Monthly Cost for Firestick?

    Answer: NO! there is no monthly cost for Firestick, it’s completely free once you buy it. But, to watch TV Shows and Movies using apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime video, etc. you will need to buy a subscription for that applications.

  • What’s Free to watch on Firestick?

    Answer: There are lots of services that you can watch for free on the Firestick, it’s like your BIG MObile Phone whatever, you can watch free on mobile same you can watch free on the Firestick.
    Firestick Free to Watch Services:
    1. YouTube
    2. MX player
    3. TMP – Telegram Media player
    4. Offline Media from SD Card
    5. Screen Mirroring

  • What is TMP – Telegram Media Player on Firestick?

    Answer: Using the TMP – Telegram Media Player app you can watch any video that is available in your Telegram Chat.

  • Do I need A Firestick if I have a Smart TV?

    Answer: Not necessary!! If your Smart TV supports Android OS then you don’t need a Firestick. But if your TV does not support android OS then you can choose to buy the Firestick and use any Android TV App on your TV.

  • Is Firestick Jailbreak Safe to use?

    Answer: Firestick Jailbreak is a heavy name, actually when you jailbreak firestick you just change some inbuild default settings and allow any Android App from an unknown source and turn off the data monitoring and Privacy.

  • How to Setup Firestick on Data Saver Mode?

    Answer: You can change a few settings and set the Firestick on Data Saver mode so that your Internet data will not be used more by the Firestick.
    1. First go to setting >> Preferences and turn ON the Data monitoring and then set the Video Quality to Good.
    2. Then go to Setting >> Preferences >> Featured Content and turn OFF the Video Autoplay Audio Autoplay options.

  • Can I use My Amazon Prime on Someone else’s Firestick?

    Answer: YES!! It’s simple and you can use your Amazon Prime on your friend’s Firestick; You just have to disconnect your TV from your Amazon Prime service and then log in to your Friends Firestick.

  • Is it illegal to use Jailbreak Firestick?

    Answer: NO!! Jailbreak Firestick means you just change a few settings that any user can. But it is illegal to watch Pirated content/ Copyrighted content using any Firestick.

  • Name of Supported TV for Firestick?

    Answer: All TV are supported with Firestick if you use them smartly.
    1. Smart TV with HDMI input
    2. TV/Desktop with VGA or RCA Input

  • How to Watch free movies on firestick?

    Answer: You can watch Free Movies on Firestick by using Free Streaming Apps, like Jio Cinema, MX Player, Kodi, Hotstar, etc.

  • What is the amazon fire stick with Alexa?

    Answer: The New Firestick with Alexa is also known as Firestick Cube. It looks like Alexa Echo Dot but it’s an Advanced version of Firestick+Alexa.